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Pakistan’s “King of Fruits” is said to shine at every feast, with extolling qualities such as its exotic aroma and its honey-sweetness. It is not only Pakistan’s national fruit, they are also part of culture, a networking tool, an instrument of social bonding and a diplomatic emissary worthy of being gifted to dignitaries all over the world.

Pakistan produces nearly a million metric tonnes of mangoes a year and ranks as the fourth-largest exporter in the global market.

AKS is serving its customers from Middle East to America and Europe through premium quality of mangoes with their desired packaging either by Sea or by Air.

Mandarin/ Kinnow

Pakistan is ranked among top ten producers and exporters of citrus in the world. Rich in taste & juicy its aroma and easy to peel make Kinnow mandarin one of the best mandarin varieties ever known to mankind.

Kinnow is a very strong variety and with a shelf life of more than 2 months with a recommended temperature of +4.0 degrees pulp temperature.

We are serving our customers either by air or by sea at various destinations across the globe with premium quality mandarin.