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We are a supplier of feed for livestock, offering the highest quality and exports most of its products to UAE, Qatar & Kuwait. We are sourcing Wheat Straw, Wheat Bran, Rhode Grass, Alfalfa Hay, Rice Straw, Rice Polish, Mustard & Cotton Oil Cake, Corn, Peanut Straw, Sugarcane Molasses, and other Cattle feed from different cities and villages of Pakistan.

We have a close connections with the Growers/Farmers, to meet the demand of the customer with high quality Animal Feed Worldwide.

Wheat Straw

We offers the high quality Wheat Straw with maximum protein and fiber content to our customers.

Available in bales of different sizes and weights.

Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran is made from the outer coat of wheat. Bran sourced by us is specifically made to cater the nutrient requirements of a cattle. Our bran is full of fiber and also rich in plant compounds and minerals.

Available in 50kg PP Bags.

Rhode Grass

We are serving our customers with controlled Moisture, Fresh, Green and Soft Rhode Grass.

Available in bales of 20kg to 500kg

Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa Hay is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals that are all necessary for the proper growth and development of a bones and muscles.

Available in Bales of 20 – 25kg

Oil Cake

We also have Mustard & Cotton Oil Cake for export. The oil cake is best for animal (cattle feed) and is rich in protein, having less fiber.

Available in PP Bags.

Sugarcane Molasses

Derived from the sugar cane, molasses is the most popular in livestock feed. Cane molasses generally has a higher sugar content than beet molasses & is traded in its original state.

Available in Drums, 200 to 250 Liters